About The Mohney Show

Welcome to the “Mohney Show”!  The vision I have for this podcast is to present local topics that are positive in nature about where we live in Southwest Washington. Sometimes, we may get off subject and ramble, but that’s ok, I’m not watching the clock! This includes a feature called the “Business Showcase.”  We want to take a look at local businesses that are making a difference where we live.  These are businesses that may not have a huge budget for advertising, and don’t do massive volumes but we all certainly want them to stay in business!

This is also a way to learn more about what local businesses face and what we can do to support them.

We are going to talk about our kids and schools!  School is underway and kids are at the bus stops, so drivers need to remember to watch their speeds.  I will reach out to teachers to get their perspective on how school has changed over the years and since the pandemic.

Subjects:  Pets, Classic Cars, How to complete a project on your Camaro.  Cooking, BBQing, Holiday Cooking, Frying, what do we like or hate about frying foods?  Sandwiches:  What is your favorite?  Beer … Lite beer or IPA’s … or in between. Brewfests, do you brew at home?

After being on the radio, I’m getting used to being on camera!  Joining me is Paul Beattie, or, some may know as Paul Walker from his time on the radio.  So, from time to time, you may hear me refer to Paul as “WALKER”!

Paul, explain how the Eli Sports Network ties in to this Podcast, and future podcasts with other hosts and topics.  

How did the Eli Sports Network get started?   The Eli website is filled with lots of sports content.  It’s nice to be able to go back and watch a game when you have some time!

About the Host: Steve Mohney

Steve Mohney is a married father of three boys (and grandfather to 5 grandkids) residing in Chehalis, Washington. Steve graduated from Centralia High School and attended Centralia College for radio and business studies. He later spent 30+ years in professional broadcasting as an anchor hosting a daily regional morning radio show. These days, you’ll find him enjoying muscle cars, hot rods, live music, and local establishments. His plans in the foreseeable future include praying that the Stones will tour in 2024.