May 27, 2024

“Passion to Business” – Beginner’s Guide Ep. 2 (with Rodrigo Velasquez)

Surf hosts fellow podcast host and entrepreneur Rodrigo Velasquez. Rod is a fitness coach and owns “The Shop” down in Tacoma, Washington. The two talk about:

Rod’s background (2:30)
What defines you (6:30)
Turning your passion into your business (9:20)
Starting your own business while working a job (13:40)
Budgeting (23:00)
Having a dream (26:30)
Entrepreneur burnout (30:00)
Persistence and motivation (35:30)
Advice for starting your own business (39:00)

You can catch Rod on his own show, Choppin’ It Up, here on the Eli Network and at Rod’s YouTube channel.