May 27, 2024

#9 The More You Know

Remember those Public Service Announcements back like thirty years ago where some celebrity would pop on your TV screen between shows and drop some pearls about the perils of drugs, smoking, obesity and even the dire consequences of not doing your homework?  Of course you do.  Any TV watcher worth their salt remembers the lessons learned or at least the catchy “da-da-da-dahhh” jingle accompanied by that colorful comet trail logo wooshing across the screen reminding you “The More You Know…”

Well, this is kinda like that, only I’m not a celebrity and the quick bite we’re about to digest today is less “just say no” and more “dang, pickle juice can do THAT?”  Seriously though, there’s lots of little things you might not know that you might be happy to know…if you only knew.  So let’s get to knowin’!  Without further delay, here’s the short and tangy (and sour) of it…

In Praise of Pickles…🤤

Just for one moment, can we put some shine on that old standby…the King of the refrigerator door…the MVP of the sandwich……our bumpy green buddy, the almighty Pickle.

Admittedly, not everyone’s favorite, but for those that love them, they are a must. It doesn’t matter how…in a jar, in a bag, sliced or speared, pickles are just the thing when only the thing will do.

Unrivaled in their category, the crunchy, briny goodness is uniquely satisfying and at times irresistible…at this very moment my jaw is clenching and mouth over-salivating in anticipation of one.  Seriously just jumped up to get a quick fix and now I’m back, happier, and ready to make my case.

Okay, so besides being the ‘perfect thing’ right when a certain craving strikes, you can feel REALLY GOOD about all their amazing health benefits too!  Through the fermentation process, what began as a raw cucumber, transforms into a probiotic powerhouse.  Probiotics are microorganisms that call our gut their home.  Not to worry…these are the good type of bacteria that aid our microbiome in the digestive process and deliver an ENORMOUS amount of health benefits including:

✳️ clearer skin

✳️ boosts immune function

✳️ better intestinal health

✳️ improved nutrient absorption

✳️ prevents spikes in blood sugar


As if that’s not enough, pickle juice itself has a special superpower all its own.  Due to its high acetic acid, it’s the go to drink for instantly calming muscle cramps. The moment the juice hits the back of your throat it triggers a reflex that inhibits other muscles from over-firing and smoothes out the twitchiness of the cramp!  Great news for athletes who may tend to over-train, the weekend 10k runner, or even that certain someone you know with the Restless Leg Syndrome!  The smallest amount does the trick, so break out your shot glass and get pickled! 😆

Now before you go all #PickleCrazy, just a gentle reminder:  Pickles are on the higher side for sodium, so while it’s healthy to eat them regularly, don’t overdo it okay?  I mean even us raving fans probably aren’t gonna go in on an entire jar anyway, but one or two a day is just what your healthy gut ordered.

And now you know…